Why you Should Consider A Dog Chiropractor

Are you tired of seeing your dog in pain or struggling to move? Have you tried surgery or other veterinary interventions to help relieve his discomfort but haven’t seen the results you seek? It may be time for you to consider a dog chiropractor. More and more chiropractors and veterinarians are getting the training and certification needed to practice this holistic approach to treatment. Just like people, your family pet ages, gets injuries and can develop other physical problems. Avoiding the problem can sometimes make matters worse, and what began as a minor issue can quickly turn into a serious condition. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue techniques restore proper joint and nerve function to reduce pain and physical stress. We will explain what dog chiropractic is all about, when it can help, where to find help, and more.

what to expect

Following a comprehensive history and examination specific corrective treatment is provided to reduce pain, increase function and enhance quality of life. Animal chiropractic is a gentle, safe and effective natural hands on approach to treating your family pet. We work alongside your dog’s primary Veterinarian to keep them happy, healthy and active.


Your dog’s spine and nervous system is virtually the same as ours; the bones are just shaped a bit different for their 4-legged life. They need special types of adjustments based on their anatomy and activity to maintain proper spinal motion resulting in pain relief and improved movement.

How Soon Will You See Improvement? 

So, when will your pup see relief after a chiropractic adjustment? It really depends on the nature of his condition, injury or ailment. After a single adjustment session, it could take up to five days for your dog’s body to repair itself, and for some conditions that may be all that he needs. For others, relief could take anywhere from a few sessions to months of sessions.