First Appointment

You first visit with us includes a thorough health history and physical examination. We discuss what we find and provide options for treatment. Based on our discussion your dog will receive its first treatment. This appointment is approximately 30 - 40 minutes.


Subsequent treatments

We will discuss how your dog has responded to the previous treatment (change in energy levels, mobility, pain behaviours, play, etc.) and continue with treatment based on these factors. A follow-up treatment is typically 15-20 minutes.



Treatment Preparation

For the most effective and comfortable treatment please make sure your dog has good energy and is not overly tired, hungry or wet.  Please bring a flat collar, and a muzzle if your dog normally wears one during veterinary appointments.  It is also helpful if you bring a favorite toy and/or treat to make them as comfortable as possible.



Dr. Henderson’s schedule is by appointment only.

The clinic location for the appointments is 2405 Lake Shore Blvd. West in Etobicoke. 

House Calls

House calls are available for dogs in the south Etobicoke and Mississauga areas. 

Please contact via phone or email for more information or to schedule an In-Home appointment.  Travel charges may apply but will be determined prior to appointment.


*Please note that Animal Chiropractic is considered a veterinary service so HST is applicable.